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International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (was International Conference on Parallel Processing)

Acronym: EuroPar
DBLP Source:
Source: CORE2021
Rank: B
Field Of Research: 4606 - Distributed computing and systems software†
Requested to retain A, reanked as B (Data) (Extra Data 1) (Decision)
Source: CORE2020
Rank: A
Field Of Research: 4606 - Distributed computing and systems software†
Source: CORE2018
Rank: A
Source: CORE2017
Rank: A
Source: CORE2014
Rank: A
Source: CORE2013
Rank: A
Source: CORE2008
Rank: A
FoR Codes with a may be old and no longer in use

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Silva Fernando wrote: Dec. 29, 2020, 9:18 a.m.
Euro-Par is usually a very well organized conference. Authors can expect 4 reviews per paper and all submitted papers are checked for originality using Springer iThenticate.


This conference is welcoming to new attendees such as postgraduate students:
Referees for this conference provide high quality detailed feedback:
The conference program facilitates networking:
There is a culture of interaction and feedback following presentations:
The conference is routinely attended by top people in the area:
Overall, attending this conference is worthwhile:

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