CORE Submission Introduction

CORE is again calling for submissions for changes to the CORE conference rankings. These submissions will be reviewed by a CORE appointed committee for each FoR code, and recommendations made to CORE exec. Submissions close 11:59pm on Sunday 10th September; late submissions will not be considered. We hope to publish a revised conference ranking by mid-January 2018.

Submissions for new conferences to be ranked, or for existing conferences to be ranked higher, require substantial data to be entered via the submission interface, and you are encouraged to start collecting this data well before the submission deadline. Submissions can be saved and continued at a later date, but must be fully completed and submitted prior to the deadline. Submissions containing obviously erroneous data will not be considered. Incomplete submissions cannot be submitted.

Submissions for ranking or ranking review also require that detailed data be collected and provided for comparator conferences. Comparator conferences should be at the same level as you wish your conference to be ranked at, but are (in your opinion) below it in terms of quality. Comparator conferences should also be as close in area as possible to the conference for which the submission is being made.

A simpler form is available for FoR code change requests, or for the addition of conferences to the DB without assigning a ranking.

The system uses login identification via LinkedIn. If there is some genuine reason that it is problematic for you to use/obtain a LinkedIn account, please contact CORE exec at