Venues where people publish

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This tool, known as “Where People Publish” or WPP, is intended to indicate which publishing venues are most popular amongst a particular group of individuals. Data is obtained from DBLP. Examples of groups of names that may be of interest are (a) leaders in a field, (b) members of a program committee, (c) members of a research group, (d) members of a sub-area within a particular country or department, etc. All paper types at a venue are counted equally in determining venue popularity. It is not recommended to use it for a single individual, but if it is, it should not be assumed that items mentioned are full research papers. This information can more reliably be seen directly from an individual's DBLP page.
The list of names can be provided either directly in the text box, or in the form of a csv file, where the first row is assumed to be a header and is ignored, and the first column is assumed to be the list of names. Any additional columns will be ignored. All names should match exactly the name in DBLP or it may be ignored and reported as not found.

Upload a file or paste in a list.

import csv file. Format should have a header row, and first column should be the name to be searched in dblp. All other columns will be ignored: Reset